The Development

The Ford Oaks Solar & Green Infrastructure Facility is a c.74 hectare solar and green infrastructure development that would provide c.29 hectares of solar generating 30MW of green renewable energy, equivalent to the power consumed in 2020 by c.18,500 homes across the EX5 2 postcode area.

Moreover, the proposed c.45 hectares of green infrastructure improvements, including tree and hedgerow planting, would generate a 121% increase in net biodiversity gains for the habitats and ecology networks, which will increase the wildlife in the valley; whilst surface water retention measures, such as leaky dams and scrapes, will reduce previous flooding issues on local lanes and in local villages. For further information please see The Proposals Tab.

The proposals also include ongoing community consultations to establish current priorities for improving services and livelihoods in the local settlements; Devon Communities Together (Devon’s Rural Community Council) is continuing community consultations which include, at the request of Marsh Green residents, the provision of a community open space and opportunities for opening a permissive right of way in the area have been suggested.


The development is being proposed by a collaboration of local landowners including Devon County Council and Taiyo Power & Storage Ltd.


The proposed development site is located c.6.5km east of Exeter, to the south and west of Marsh Green village.

The nearest postcode for the site is EX5 2EU.


To help deliver the District and Counties renewable, zero carbon and green infrastructure & biodiversity policies and strategies.

Ford Oaks Planning Boundary Main Site

The Land

The land beneath the arrays will be seeded with species-rich meadow seeds and the farmers have confirmed that they are able to organise grazing under the solar arrays. See farmers letter in our Downloads section.

Each field will have its own natural drainage management which will ensure that surface water is managed onsite thereby reducing surface water flows off site.

Over approximately 14 hectares of the initial site area have been excluded from having any solar arrays during the 7-month design process.

The Website

The content of this website has been produced to inform you about the project and invite you to let us know your thoughts on our proposals.

Additional information and key documents can be downloaded from our Downloads tab. Please see our Consultation tab for updates on events.