The Proposal

The Planning Application for the proposals has been submitted in May 2022. Importantly, the views of local councillors, the Parish Council and residents have been integrated into the design to ensure that the best possible layout has been agreed.

The proposed layout of the 45 hectares of green infrastructure and 29 hectares of solar arrays is shown below.

Proposed Development Plan

The arrays will be a maximum of 3.15m in height and will be mounted on a south facing axis, except in two fields adjacent to identified properties where the orientation has been realigned to the southeast, thus reducing potential glare to a minimum.

The proposed development also requires the following supporting infrastructure:

  • Substations and transformers which will be held in containers of 3.5m in height.
  • CCTV on poles between 2.5m and 4m high directed away from residential property.
  • A 2m deer fence.
  • Distribution Network Operator (DNO) and client substation, including internal connective cable routes.
  • Internal access tracks.

The submitted design can be found in the link below.
Proposed Development Plan

In addition to the solar arrays, the proposed development will provide an expansive network of ecological and landscape enhancements. The Strategic Landscape Plan and Ecological Enhancement, Management and Monitoring Plans are provided below:

Ecology Mitigation and Management Plan North
Ecology Mitigation and Management Plan South

Seven months of public consultation has allowed the design of the scheme to respond to the concerns and comments received from interested parties and residents; with the aim of protecting and conserving local interests and residential amenities.


  • Escorted convoys from an off-site reception compound are proposed to maximise road traffic safety.
  • The construction period will consequently take c.7-8 months (1 month for mobilisation, 5 to 6 months for construction and 1 month to commission and demobilise).
  • The proposed construction traffic routes to and from the site has been agreed with Devon County Council Highways and have been discussed with the Parish Councils.
  • See Downloads page for traffic routing map and supporting Transport Statement for associated detail.


  • The operational life of the proposed development will be 40 years.
  • There will be a limited number of vehicles to and from the site during this time. These will be associated with the maintenance of the equipment and management of the landscape and ecological measures.
  • The proposed development will neither generate significant noise nor emissions.
  • The proposed development has been designed to eliminate any glint or glare from the modules impacting on residents (with orientation changed in two fields), road users or the air traffic control tower at Exeter Airport.
  • The facility will include natural drainage measures which will improve on the existing situation and reduce flows both leaving the fields onto local lanes and flowing lower down the catchment.

The Outlook

A selection of views from accessible points can be seen below. Click each of the locations to open the photos.